Featured: Ashley + Glenn


Take a moment to check out our very own Lead Planner, Ashley, featured on The Wedding Row last week! Ashley and her husband's engagement session graced the southern blog, The Wedding Row, which is a great resource for brides + wedding lovers! Ashley and her (now) husband, Glenn, headed to their old stomping ground, the College of Charleston, to take photos in one of Charleston's most iconic locations: The Cistern, as well as many other sweet spots around campus. The historical buildings and large oak trees provided the perfect backdrop for these two lovebirds. Their blue and whites were a nod to their winter wedding colors!


After spending some time on the grounds of the College of Charleston, the couple switched up their attire for a more formal look and headed to the Ansonborough neighborhood - the same neighborhood where their ceremony would be held in St. Stephens Episcopal Church!


To read more about Ashley + Glenn's engagement story and see more images from their engagement shoot by the talented Catherine Ann Photography, be sure to head on over to: http://theweddingrow.com/ashley-glenn-engagement-session/


Importance of a Rain Plan

Imagine this! Your wedding day has finally arrived and everything is going according to plan. It is almost ceremony time and you look outside.....the white chairs.....the floral ceremony arbor....the aisle markers....all are dripping wet as the skies just opened up and rain is forecasted for the remainder of the evening. Now what?!

Implement the R A I N  P L A N!

Even if historically, your wedding date has been rain-free for years, we ALWAYS equip our clients with a rain plan! Being prepared well in advance will save you from a stressful last minute [expensive] call that you do not want to make on your big day, Though not a popular conversation, we ALWAYS require our clients have a rain plan JUST IN CASE. 


Nowadays, with so many tent options and accessories, many clients opt to have a tent regardless of the weather possibilities (or their venue may require one).  Many lighting options or hanging fixtures require a tent to properly secure and suspend heavier, hanging items. Also, tent fabric draping has become very popular and with so many colorful or light, airy options, draping can completely transform the space to make it feel very intimate. Tents can also be raised to 10 feet in height so the space never feels crowded or enclosed.

One positive point: Many [if not all] rental companies offer a Rain Reserve Program. This program allows you to pay a non-refundable deposit - typically 35% - to hold the tent size you would need for your date. The rain decision must be made 48-72 hours in advance depending on the company, but this allows you to have a more accurate weather forecast than you could months or even a year before the day. We ALWAYS have clients put tents on Rain Reserve as there are many weekends throughout the year that all companies end up selling out of tents when inclement weather is predicted and we do not want YOU to be the client without a tent.

Wild Dunes - Ava Moore Photo.jpg

We want Y O U to enjoy one of the biggest days of your life so we do everything we can to help prepare you for all possible scenarios beforehand and ensure a plan is in place if needed!

Summer Sips

Temperatures often reach the triple digits during the hottest months of Charleston's summer. What better way to keep cool than indulging in a delectable, delicious drink?! Check out some of our favorite cocktails to sip on this summer!


Grapefruit Ranch Water


Made with jalapeño-infused tequila, this tangy drink provides you sweetness blended with spice as seen in Country Living

Moscow Mule


Add seasonal fruit or garnishing to this sweet drink traditionally served in a copper mug!

The Firecracker


Nothing says summer like fresh watermelon and cucumber! Check out the recipe of this poolside favorite on Creative Culinary!

Summer Sangria


Throw some white wine and brandy into a pitcher, add in your sliced favorite fruits [kiwi, mangos, and berries are some of our favorites!], stir, and serve! 

Blueberry Mojito


A classic twist to the mint mojito, this berry-good drink is perfect to cool off during the summer!

We cannot wait to see some of your favorite concoctions and share more ideas with you!

Vendor Spotlight: Reese Moore Photography


Reese Moore has been blessing the Lowcountry with her gorgeous photos for years now and we are so lucky to call her not only one of our preferred vendors, but also a good industry friend! We wanted you to get to know Reese Moore and take a look at her beautiful work!


We sat down with Reese to learn more about Reese Moore Photography and Reese Moore Weddings!

Ashley: Tell us how Reese Moore Photography started!

Reese: I actually got my BFA in Photography from Notre Dame! I moved here for a photography internship with Charleston Magazine, fell in love with pimento cheese, and never left Charleston. I’ve been a full time photographer for a decade now - when did I become old enough to say that?! - and have loved every minute of it!

Ashley: What areas of photography do you shoot?

Reese: I’m blessed to shoot a wide variety of things! I regularly shoot weddings, jazz performances, families, corporate events, and hospitality-related events. It may seem random to someone reading this, but basically I get to tell stories with a camera while having amazing life experiences. Best job ever! 


Ashley: What is your favorite venue to shoot at?

Reese: I feel like you’ve just asked me to pick my favorite child (Ha!). I did an absolutely epic wedding at the Gailliard last year, and I’m still smitten from that experience. But through the years I’ve loved shooting at the Thomas Bennett House, Magnolia Plantation, and the Cedar Room.  


Ashley: How would you describe your style + brand?

Reese: That’s a hard one, because I do differentiate between Reese Moore Photography and Reese Moore Weddings, to some extent. My approach to one of the concerts on Kiawah and the resulting dramatic or moody quality is wildly different from say, a wedding or the branding work I do with Grit & Grace Studio, which is light, feminine, and airy. 

I would describe Reese Moore Weddings, specifically, as narrative-based photography with a simple, timeless aesthetic. I describe my shooting style as photo-journalistic but with I have a background in editorial work, so those two styles have melded together somewhat, but as for editing, I like to keep it simple. I’ve been doing this for long enough that I’ve seen wedding photography go through several very distinct eras. When I started, people were still asking for black and white photos with the flowers in color, which is pretty dated now. Then we went through a very desaturated phase, the vintage look, the heavily filtered phase, and now a light and airy aesthetic is very popular. And all those looks are beautiful in their own right! My goal, though, is that when your family look at your photos 10, 15, or 20 years from now, they’re not so distracted by the edits that it detracts from the moment. 


Ashley: In city full of wedding professionals, what makes you different as a Charleston photographer?

Reese: That’s a great question. What makes me different as a photographer is what makes me different from everyone else as a person, just like you or each of the people reading this. When I pick up a camera, I’m telling a story. (I’m addicted to stories. I may or may not hoard previously-mailed antique postcards.) That story I’m about to tell through the lens is filtered through all the richness, experiences, and empathy that my life on this planet has brought to my perspective. Each photographer has their own voice, perspective, and visual dictionary, just like each writer, storyteller, and artist does. 

So maybe the best way to answer that is to tell you that my favorite thing in life is telling or listening to a story. Sometimes I’m capturing the story of you and your husband laughing as you trip over the words in your vows, but sometimes I’m telling the story of that special way he looks at you when you’re not looking your future children or nieces.


Ashley: How far in advance do you typically see clients booking in a city that is one of the top wedding destinations in the country?

Reese: This varies by photographer. In the last year I’ve booked weddings a year and a half in advance down to a mere 3 weeks in advance. 

TIP: We always recommend if photography is one of the most important things to you, make sure to book early as most photographers will only take one wedding a day, sometimes even one a weekend if they are having to travel for a wedding!

Ashley: What wedding advice do you have for all future brides?

Reese:  Your wedding is going to be beautiful. || It’s going to be imperfectly perfect. || The small unexpected moments are going to be the stories you’ll retell at Thanksgiving for the next 50 years or so. || Be present, be you, and get seconds on that cake. I won’t tell anyone! :)


We look forward to seeing much more from Reese Moore Photography to come!

Rent the Runway: For the Bride

We have always loved wedding fashion! From stunning designer gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and even bridal brunch options, Rent the Runway is the perfect place to select an outfit for any bridal occasion. With over 50,000 inventory options, the site has been providing affordable, rentable style to brides since November 2009. While Rent the Runway started as an e-commerce company, it now has locations in New York, Chicago, D.C., San Fran, and Los Angeles.

Let's take a look at a few of our current favorite options!


Perfect for a rehearsal dinner or bridal brunch, this floral lace, ankle length dress is just as elegant as it is beautiful. 

Marchesa Notte: Metallic Floral Cocktail Dress


This bold metallic print is a showstopper for a rehearsal dinner or for your after party following the reception.

Allison Parris: Sugar Coat Dress


This tulle beauty is perfect for the non-traditional bride wanting to rent their wedding dress or for the bride dressing up for a shower.

Elliatt: Red One Shoulder Popover Dress


This bodycon designed dress is bold in color and perfect for the bride looking for a that 'pop'!

These are just a FEW of the thousands of options they have to select from. Whatever your bridal style is, we guarantee they have something for you! Be sure to check back for more inspiration + ideas on Ashley Nicole Events and Instagram!

Selecting Your Wedding Colors

Your wedding colors play a huge role throughout your wedding day! They show up in so many places - invitations, bridesmaid dresses, centerpieces, floral, rentals and so on. Inspiration for your wedding colors are everywhere!


Date of Wedding

If you are having a spring wedding, pastel colors are often used to reflect the blooming flowers and April + May months. During the summer months, we see a variety of bright, tropical colors with palm branches and poppy flowers. The fall tends to be more moody colors - burnt oranges, burgundies, ivories. The winter months are typically soft and dusty blues with hints of deep greens with mixed metals.  Of course, these are just suggestions. We love when brides mix up the norm!

 Priscilla Thomas Photography

Priscilla Thomas Photography

Personal Preference

Maybe you or your fiancee have favorite colors that you wish to incorporate. Take a gander at your home or wardrobe to see what colors you are naturally drawn to. If you are wishing for pops of pink, maybe look more towards a blush or rose gold - something that is still feminine, but does not scream bubblegum pink. If your husband LOVES his college football team, maybe surprise him with a groom's cake incorporating his passion at the rehearsal dinner. You can combine and select a palette based on both of your likes rather than having a dual about what wedding color YOU like best. After all, while the details and colors play a big role in your day, the main reason for your wedding day is the joining of two persons into one, new family.

 Taylor Rae Photography

Taylor Rae Photography


Make sure to take the venue's color palette into consideration. If the venue is a bright color, you may want to steer clear of other bright colors that would clash and take away from the chosen location. With bright, bold colors, ivories and creams tend to work well for linen colors and you can bring in other colors through floral, a napkin, or other soft details. At the end of the day, everyone will be looking at YOU and your groom so do not sweat it if you always dreamed of a white wedding and the venue seems to wash out your color choice. That is what your planner is there for - to run ideas by and provide expertise and guidance in all areas!

 Nicolas Gore Weddings

Nicolas Gore Weddings

Follow along on Instagram + Ashley Nicole Events blog for more inspiration tips + ideas!

Honeymoon Hotspots

'Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take you to Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama!' Oh the Beach Boys just naming off some of our favorite tropical destinations. Today we wanted to look at several honeymoon hotspots and pass along some traveling tips so hop on board and let's go!

Within the United States

Napa Valley

Luxurious resorts and estates abound in Napa Valley. Known for hundreds of hillside vineyards, this California destination is perfect for wine lovers. The epitome of beautiful countryside scenery, this honeymoon destination is perfect for the couple who want to relax, but also do some traveling to various vineyards and eateries during their stay. August through October is known as harvest season so be prepared for higher price tags during those peak months. 

 Napa Valley

Napa Valley


Moving even further west, we hit the shores of Hawaii! With jungles to explore, trails to hike, volcanoes to visit, and beaches to sunbathe, Hawaii continues to be a popular domestic destination for newlyweds. Weather-wise April and May, as well as September and October, are known for the best times to visit Hawaii. 



For the couple looking for a quieter, calmer honeymoon, look no further than Nantucket. With the most pleasant summer climate, this tiny island off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a true favorite summer destination. The cobblestoned streets of the Town of Nantucket are lined with restaurants, boutiques, and history! 



Tropical Getaways

St. Lucia

White sandy beaches, lush mountains and boutique, luxurious resorts...St. Lucia is known for being a Caribbean honeymoon destination (our very own Ashley V was fortunate to call this place home for a week during her honeymoon last year)! With crystal waters and warm temperatures year-round, this destination will continue to be named one of the best Caribbean honeymoon spots for many years to come.

 St. Lucia

St. Lucia

The Maldives

Known for its' beaches, blue lagoons, and extensive reefs, the Maldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean. Though pricey, the Maldives offer white sand beaches unlike anywhere else. A busy fish market and small, local shops make up the capital. Located on the equator, the islands receive sunshine year-round.

 The Maldives

The Maldives


Home to many all-inclusive resorts, Jamaica offers mountains, rain forests, and clearwater beaches. The tropical island is known for having great snorkeling and diving reefs. Jamaica is also known for having more affordable honeymoon options and has great weather nearly year-round. 

 Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay, Jamaica

European Expeditions


Continually ranked one of the top honeymoon destinations, the countryside of Italy exudes romance. With an abundance of vineyards and hills, this luxurious destination will not disappoint. Peak season includes April through June and September through November. The summer months are quite warm with temperatures often reaching the 90s!




Often referred to as 'the city of romance,' Paris continues to be a European favorite. With so many iconic sights to visit, Paris is perfect for the couple wanting to travel and explore. With fine-dining establishments galore, you will not lack places to eat! The capital of France is certainly a place for newlyweds to consider.

 Paris, France

Paris, France


Known for the beautiful white buildings with blue dome tops, this Greek island is any honeymooner's dream! The rich Greek food, the culture and history, and red-and-black sand beaches draw couples to this Mediterranean oasis every year. With a pleasant climate almost all year-round, this is the perfect place to escape to after all of the wedding planning and 'I do's' are complete.

 Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

We cannot wait to see where all of our brides choose for their honeymoons! So many options and beautiful places around the world to visit. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for all things Ashley Nicole Events!

Vendor Spotlight: Minted Weddings

Wedding Stationary: Minted

Before your guests arrive to celebrate alongside you on your wedding day, most of you will likely send out some form of stationary to invite your guests to partake in the festivities! While we LOVE watercolor and hand painted designs, Minted has made it easier than ever to create your personalized, cost-effective save the dates + wedding invitations! Here are a couple reasons we continually suggest the site to our brides who are looking for a cost-saving stationary option!


Support Independent Artists

One reason we love sending brides to Minted is the variety of options to choose from! Whether you are looking for something classy + traditional, bright and colorful, or holiday festive, Minted is a community of independent artists who have created unique designs to bring your wedding dreams and vision to life from the very beginning.

Free Design Samples

We love that you can order free sample designs of your choice to ensure you like your selection before you purchase. You can see if you like different options paired together for your invitation suite and can order several samples to ensure you are selecting the one that embodies you and your significant other's style.


Minted offers foil-pressed, letterpress, custom foil, mini-books, petite, and even postcard options for a range of pricing. Whether you are a budget bride or looking for a pricier suite, Minted has options for all brides.


Minted also has great options for holiday cards, birthday invites, thank you notes, and so much more! Be sure to check out all of their offerings at Minted.com!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram + our website for more planning tips and inspiration!

[Wedding] Tipping Tutorial

Happy Tuesday lovely brides! Today we wanted to take the time to share a few helpful tips on a topic that comes up quite often. Most people know it is common courtesy to tip your waiter, your hair stylist, or the bellman during a stay at a hotel, but many people are unsure of the proper etiquette for tipping wedding vendors!

 Catherine Ann Photography

Catherine Ann Photography

Most wedding vendor contracts do not automatically include gratuity on their bill. One exception MAY be the caterer, but again, review your contract to confirm. Here are a few general suggestions for each vendor involved in your big day!

Officiant: If your officiant is a member of the clergy, a donation to their place of worship is always appreciated. 

Photographer/Videographer: If they own the business, a tip is not required. If you love the service you have received, a $50 - $100 tip is always appreciated.

Catering + Bar: Be sure to check to see if gratuity is already included. If not, 15 - 20% on the total bill is a nice gesture. For the bar, always confirm they will be allowing bartenders to accept tips from guests as this can weigh into your final tipping total.

Hair + Make-up: Just like at a salon, a 15 - 20% tip is typically recommended.

Band/DJ: Typically a common courtesy is 10 - 20% depending on how the overall service was throughout the planning process and day-of the wedding.

Florist: Though a tip is not required, consider putting $20 aside and mailing a thank-you card for their service after your big day. Your kindness goes a long way, even after your day is over.

Wedding Coordinator/Planner: Most own their own businesses so tipping is not required. If you loved the service you received, a tip and thank-you card (or raving review!) is a lovely gesture to show your appreciation and gratitude for all of their hard work. 

As you can see, tipping is not always required for each vendor, but it is always appreciated! Vendors also love great reviews if you feel you received great service. Be sure to follow along on Instagram + Ashley Nicole Events blog for more helpful planning tips and inspiration!

Location, location, location: What South Carolina venue is right for you? Part II

While we have looked at some of our personal favorites in the Lowcountry, today we are looking at some of the best selections in the Midlands! Columbia has revitalized their downtown scene over the past decade. With the changes, we have seen several new venue options, as well as renovations to some past favorites!


Let's take a look at some more of our SC favorites!

Columbia, SC

One of Columbia's most popular venues, 701 Whaley, is a restored 1903 building featuring original textured walls, large windows, and a grand staircase. The large, open space accommodates a variety of layouts and is perfect for a wide range of occasions. With four rental spaces, this venue offers a space for everyone!

 701 Whaley

701 Whaley

Dating back to the mid-1800's, this downtown, historical property is a Columbia favorite! With a small or large guest count, the Lace House has space for everyone. A specious bridal suite and groom suite allow for both parties to get ready with ease. The spacious gardens and courtyard allow for a variety of floor-plans. A perfect option for the traditional bride!

 The Lace House

The Lace House

Stone River is located on the historic Congaree River and overlooks the Columbia skyline. The neutral palette provides a natural setting with hardwood floors and large windows with panoramic views of the river. The wraparound porch is perfect to host cocktail hour and the main hall features a built-in bar and large central fireplace. This venue has a variety of options when it comes to spacing + layout design!

 Stone River

Stone River

The Robert Mills Carriage House and Gardens exudes southern charm and history. The venue offers four spacious garden areas and the indoor carriage house. The front lawn boasts nice views of the main house and the back lawn is shaded by century-old magnolia trees.

 The Robert Mills House and Gardens 

The Robert Mills House and Gardens 

Just outside of Columbia sits historical Wavering Place Plantation! The family-owned plantation has been passed down for generations. The lush gardens and landscaped grounds offer a beautiful setting for an intimate affair. The venue also boasts an open aired pavilion with two fireplaces and can accommodate up to 175 guests! Though only a few minutes from Columbia, the venue is very private and secluded! 

 Wavering Place Plantation

Wavering Place Plantation

We are so excited to be a part of more Midlands weddings in 2019! Be sure to follow along on Instagram for more planning tips + inspiration!

Location, location, location: What South Carolina wedding venue is right for you?

Southern plantation, water views, blank canvas space. Every couple has a different vision of where their reception will take place. South Carolina has a plethora of options when it comes to reception spaces - from large, industrial, newly renovated warehouses to century old plantation homes, there is a place for everyone!

Let's take a look at a few of our SC favorites!

Charleston, SC

If you are looking for water views, Charleston offers several great options. Located in the heart of the Old Village in Mount Pleasant, Alhambra Hall offers a stunning view of the Charleston Harbor. Complete with a large bridal suite and tables + chairs, this venue is perfect for a lowcountry wedding and can be dressed up for an elegant affair or kept more casual depending on your style.

 Alhambra Hall

Alhambra Hall

Located on the Charleston peninsula on the gorgeous Ashley River, Lowndes Grove Plantation boasts a stately plantation home that offers marsh views spanning the length of the property. Owned by the renowned Patrick Properties Hospitality Group, the iconic venue is one of Charleston's most sought out venues.

 Lowndes Grove Plantation

Lowndes Grove Plantation

In the heart of downtown Charleston on King Street, this bright yellow mansion is sure to catch your eye! Dating back to 1810, the William Aiken House is a National Historic Landmark and can accommodate up to 500 guests in its' first and second floor ballrooms and spacious courtyards. Perfect for the couple looking for a large venue filled with southern charm in the center of bustling downtown Charleston.

 William Aiken House

William Aiken House

Also located downtown, another historic charmer with gorgeous harbor views from the second and third floors is the stunning Gadsden House. Recently renovated, the property boasts several large courtyards and two large piazzas, as well as first and second floor ballrooms to host a variety of wedding events! On the third floor, a luxurious bridal suite comes complete with harbor views and a full size kitchen and bathroom.

 Gadsden House

Gadsden House

A quaint little spot right over the iconic Ravenel Bridge, sits the Cooper River Room. With views of the harbor and bridge, this venue is perfect for a smaller wedding, a rehearsal dinner, engagement party or welcome party! With tables + chairs included in the rental, the Cooper River Room offers an indoor space that opens to a patio and large, grass field (anchored for tenting in case of an afternoon shower!) overlooking the bridge!

 Cooper River Room

Cooper River Room

Only 20 minutes from downtown Charleston, the Daniel Island Club offers a spacious ballroom and large covered patio with gorgeous marsh views. The rental includes many necessities including tables, chairs, and serving ware. With a large, custom, built-in bar and several flex spaces for gifts, signage and more, the space offers room for a variety of layouts, especially including the outdoor space behind the ballroom - perfect for cocktail hour or an outdoor reception!

 Daniel Island Club

Daniel Island Club

Be sure to check back as we make a stop in Columbia, SC to share some of our favorite venues in the Midlands! Make sure to follow along on Instagram for all things Ashley Nicole Events!


Welcome to Ashley Nicole Events!


Thank you for taking the time to check out Ashley Nicole Events! We are so glad you are joining us as we dive deeper into the world of weddings. We are hoping our blog can be used to encourage, inspire, and bring joy to you and your loved ones! We want to start by talking about how ANE began a decade ago and how we got to where we are today.

ANE was started over 10 years ago by the original ‘Ashley Nicole’, Ashley Russell. Ashley saw a need in the wedding market for a planner who loved details, but also desired to bring hope, joy and encouragement to the couples she had the pleasure of serving. Fast forward 10 years and here we are today - still providing top-notch service, paired with southern hospitality and the desire to build personal and genuine relationships with our clients with the hope of encouraging them and acting as a source of guidance and assistance as the big day draws near.

Our clients have a wide variety of budgets, visions, and expectations for their wedding day. Regardless of these different factors, we look forward to serving each client with the same high level of service and providing a helping hand in areas of need. While wedding details are extremely important, what we believe is most important is the lifetime commitment you are making to your significant other on your wedding day. We want to handle the details so you can focus on preparing for your life with your future spouse. As our promise states, we look forward to encouraging you, praying for you, and being a source of guidance and assistance throughout the planning process.

We look forward to providing you with helpful tips + trends in the future and sharing more about the values we hold near and dear to our heart here at Ashley Nicole Events.