[Wedding] Tipping Tutorial

Happy Tuesday lovely brides! Today we wanted to take the time to share a few helpful tips on a topic that comes up quite often. Most people know it is common courtesy to tip your waiter, your hair stylist, or the bellman during a stay at a hotel, but many people are unsure of the proper etiquette for tipping wedding vendors!

Catherine Ann Photography

Catherine Ann Photography

Most wedding vendor contracts do not automatically include gratuity on their bill. One exception MAY be the caterer, but again, review your contract to confirm. Here are a few general suggestions for each vendor involved in your big day!

Officiant: If your officiant is a member of the clergy, a donation to their place of worship is always appreciated. 

Photographer/Videographer: If they own the business, a tip is not required. If you love the service you have received, a $50 - $100 tip is always appreciated.

Catering + Bar: Be sure to check to see if gratuity is already included. If not, 15 - 20% on the total bill is a nice gesture. For the bar, always confirm they will be allowing bartenders to accept tips from guests as this can weigh into your final tipping total.

Hair + Make-up: Just like at a salon, a 15 - 20% tip is typically recommended.

Band/DJ: Typically a common courtesy is 10 - 20% depending on how the overall service was throughout the planning process and day-of the wedding.

Florist: Though a tip is not required, consider putting $20 aside and mailing a thank-you card for their service after your big day. Your kindness goes a long way, even after your day is over.

Wedding Coordinator/Planner: Most own their own businesses so tipping is not required. If you loved the service you received, a tip and thank-you card (or raving review!) is a lovely gesture to show your appreciation and gratitude for all of their hard work. 

As you can see, tipping is not always required for each vendor, but it is always appreciated! Vendors also love great reviews if you feel you received great service. Be sure to follow along on Instagram + Ashley Nicole Events blog for more helpful planning tips and inspiration!