Importance of a Rain Plan

Imagine this! Your wedding day has finally arrived and everything is going according to plan. It is almost ceremony time and you look outside.....the white chairs.....the floral ceremony arbor....the aisle markers....all are dripping wet as the skies just opened up and rain is forecasted for the remainder of the evening. Now what?!

Implement the R A I N P L A N!


Even if historically, your wedding date has been rain-free for years, we ALWAYS equip our clients with a rain plan! Being prepared well in advance will save you from a stressful last minute [expensive] call that you do not want to make on your big day, Though not a popular conversation, we ALWAYS require our clients have a rain plan JUST IN CASE. 


Nowadays, with so many tent options and accessories, many clients opt to have a tent regardless of the weather possibilities (or their venue may require one).  Many lighting options or hanging fixtures require a tent to properly secure and suspend heavier, hanging items. Also, tent fabric draping has become very popular and with so many colorful or light, airy options, draping can completely transform the space to make it feel very intimate. Tents can also be raised to 10 feet in height so the space never feels crowded or enclosed.

One positive point: Many [if not all] rental companies offer a Rain Reserve Program. This program allows you to pay a non-refundable deposit - typically 35% - to hold the tent size you would need for your date. The rain decision must be made 48-72 hours in advance depending on the company, but this allows you to have a more accurate weather forecast than you could months or even a year before the day. We ALWAYS have clients put tents on Rain Reserve as there are many weekends throughout the year that all companies end up selling out of tents when inclement weather is predicted and we do not want YOU to be the client without a tent.

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We want Y O U to enjoy one of the biggest days of your life so we do everything we can to help prepare you for all possible scenarios beforehand and ensure a plan is in place if needed!