Vendor Spotlight: Reese Moore Photography


Reese Moore has been blessing the Lowcountry with her gorgeous photos for years now and we are so lucky to call her not only one of our preferred vendors, but also a good industry friend! We wanted you to get to know Reese Moore and take a look at her beautiful work!


We sat down with Reese to learn more about Reese Moore Photography and Reese Moore Weddings!

Ashley: Tell us how Reese Moore Photography started!

Reese: I actually got my BFA in Photography from Notre Dame! I moved here for a photography internship with Charleston Magazine, fell in love with pimento cheese, and never left Charleston. I’ve been a full time photographer for a decade now - when did I become old enough to say that?! - and have loved every minute of it!

Ashley: What areas of photography do you shoot?

Reese: I’m blessed to shoot a wide variety of things! I regularly shoot weddings, jazz performances, families, corporate events, and hospitality-related events. It may seem random to someone reading this, but basically I get to tell stories with a camera while having amazing life experiences. Best job ever! 


Ashley: What is your favorite venue to shoot at?

Reese: I feel like you’ve just asked me to pick my favorite child (Ha!). I did an absolutely epic wedding at the Gailliard last year, and I’m still smitten from that experience. But through the years I’ve loved shooting at the Thomas Bennett House, Magnolia Plantation, and the Cedar Room.  


Ashley: How would you describe your style + brand?

Reese: That’s a hard one, because I do differentiate between Reese Moore Photography and Reese Moore Weddings, to some extent. My approach to one of the concerts on Kiawah and the resulting dramatic or moody quality is wildly different from say, a wedding or the branding work I do with Grit & Grace Studio, which is light, feminine, and airy. 

I would describe Reese Moore Weddings, specifically, as narrative-based photography with a simple, timeless aesthetic. I describe my shooting style as photo-journalistic but with I have a background in editorial work, so those two styles have melded together somewhat, but as for editing, I like to keep it simple. I’ve been doing this for long enough that I’ve seen wedding photography go through several very distinct eras. When I started, people were still asking for black and white photos with the flowers in color, which is pretty dated now. Then we went through a very desaturated phase, the vintage look, the heavily filtered phase, and now a light and airy aesthetic is very popular. And all those looks are beautiful in their own right! My goal, though, is that when your family look at your photos 10, 15, or 20 years from now, they’re not so distracted by the edits that it detracts from the moment. 


Ashley: In city full of wedding professionals, what makes you different as a Charleston photographer?

Reese: That’s a great question. What makes me different as a photographer is what makes me different from everyone else as a person, just like you or each of the people reading this. When I pick up a camera, I’m telling a story. (I’m addicted to stories. I may or may not hoard previously-mailed antique postcards.) That story I’m about to tell through the lens is filtered through all the richness, experiences, and empathy that my life on this planet has brought to my perspective. Each photographer has their own voice, perspective, and visual dictionary, just like each writer, storyteller, and artist does. 

So maybe the best way to answer that is to tell you that my favorite thing in life is telling or listening to a story. Sometimes I’m capturing the story of you and your husband laughing as you trip over the words in your vows, but sometimes I’m telling the story of that special way he looks at you when you’re not looking your future children or nieces.


Ashley: How far in advance do you typically see clients booking in a city that is one of the top wedding destinations in the country?

Reese: This varies by photographer. In the last year I’ve booked weddings a year and a half in advance down to a mere 3 weeks in advance. 


TIP: We always recommend if photography is one of the most important things to you, make sure to book early as most photographers will only take one wedding a day, sometimes even one a weekend if they are having to travel for a wedding!


Ashley: What wedding advice do you have for all future brides?

Reese:  Your wedding is going to be beautiful. || It’s going to be imperfectly perfect. || The small unexpected moments are going to be the stories you’ll retell at Thanksgiving for the next 50 years or so. || Be present, be you, and get seconds on that cake. I won’t tell anyone! :)


We look forward to seeing much more from Reese Moore Photography to come!