[Favorite] Books for Brides (and Grooms) -To-Be

Y’all! There are SO many great books out there for engaged, newlywed and married couples! I wish someone would have recommended some of these to me while I was single or engaged, even though I am loving reading them just as much now as well! I know a book is not going to fully prepare you for marriage, BUT many of these awesome reads do bring up so many relevant points + questions for couples to really think about and discuss before saying “I do!" I am going to share some of my favorite reads that I have read and plan to read that I think will help prepare your heart for marriage if you are single or engaged or if you are already married, they are great reads to dive into with your spouse so you can learn more about one another and the meaning of YOUR marriage! We are going to spend the next couple months sharing a few of our favorites with you!

Even though marriage is one of the most signficant choices you will make in life, it’s the only one you’re given a license to do before you’ve actually learned how to do it!
— Choosing Marriage by Debra Fileta

Read the above quote and let it resinate with you for a moment. For every other major, licensed accomplishment, whether it be a degree, a medical or law title, or even driving a vehicle, you are provided weeks, months, even years of knowledge and education, along with countless hours of effort and training before you can earn a license. Yet, to get married, you just have to fill out the proper paperwork at the courthouse and can obtain a license within a few days. I am currently in the middle of reading Choosing Marriage and this quote, even though common knowledge, really stopped me in my tracks to think and is great reminder that marriage is a choice and you are not provided a ‘how-to handbook’ beforehand. When you choose to get married, you are choosing to love your spouse no matter what may come your way, the good and the bad.

Marriage is a journey marked by joy and adventure and has the potential of being the deepest and most fulfilling relationship you will ever experience on the face of this earth.

-Debra Fileta

Be sure to check back next month to see what book we are currently reading + recommending for couples!

Ashley vonRosenberg