The Perfect Venue

Maggie’s take on selecting her perfect venue: “We are coming off the high of our recent engagement we knew the wedding venue was one of the first things we needed to select. For as long as I could remember, I wanted to have a big, hometown wedding in my very small corner of the state. However, as we approached the time to select the venue, I wanted to find a place that my fiancé and I could call our own. With very limited options in my hometown, Dillon, SC, Robert and I immediately ran to our second favorite place, the coast! We fell in love in Charleston and wanted to embrace all of the Charleston charm that we could in our venue.

We finally decided on the perfect venue by the coast, Litchfield Plantation. The venue offers everything we wanted into one space: the march, live oaks, a beautiful white house, and a big enough space to welcome all of our guests to celebrate our big day.”

Here are some things that I found that all brides should think through when selecting their own venue!

1. What’s Your Vision?

Take a few moments at the beginning of your engagement to think about what you want your day to look like. List out a couple of ‘must-haves’ that your venue should require. For us, we wanted live oaks and the marsh!

2. Guest Count

Think through how many guest will be attending your big day. This will play a significant part in which venue will be the best to welcome all of your guests!

Photo: Magnolia Photography

Photo: Magnolia Photography

3. Time of Year

Don’t forget that the time of year and the weather it brings should be taken into consideration when choosing a venue. We are getting married at the end of November so we opted for a large outdoor venue with heaters on standby!

Photo: Amy Arrington Photography

Photo: Amy Arrington Photography

4. Indoor or Outdoor Ceremony

Is getting married on-site at the same location of the reception important to you? Do you want to worry about transporting guests from one location to the other? Is having the ceremony in a church very important to you? All of these are great questions to ask yourself and to consider when selecting your reception venue!

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